Administrator User Guide

Welcome GoGetter!

GetGoing is hands down the easiest solution for business travel. Tweak the policy settings and make real-time changes to the platform for better results. 

Step 1: Create your Company's account 

First things first, thank you so much for your trust, now that you’re part of the crew, your Account Executive will create your company profile, and guide you through the steps to login for the first time and create your company invoice profile. 

Go further with account set up:

Step 2: Activate your account

Please note, if you are not an Authorized person (person authorized to act on behalf of the company in respect to validating terms of service), you will need to have them ready to validate the invoice profile you created and the Terms and Conditions to complete the creation of your company’s account.  

Your Account Executive will then introduce you to your Customer Success Consultant whose mission is to help you leverage GetGoing to achieve your business travel goals. 

Step 3: Get onboard with your Customer Success

Your Customer Success Consultant will take some time with you to review the settings of your account to make sure they are aligned with your company objectives.  

View your Customer Success as your unfair advantage, their mission is to make sure GetGoing is solving your travel needs. 

All set? Congratulations! You’re ready to start adding your travelers and get going ✈ 

Go further with Travel policies:

Go further with offices, departments and destinations (optional):

  • GetGoing remembers your office locations and frequent destinations, making booking even easier for travelers. Add multiple offices and your favorite customers on the “Admin” page. Once added, you can also assign custom travel policies to each office or department.  
  • When should I use Offices and Destinations?

Step 4: Add your travelers  

With your GetGoing account fully configured, it’s time to invite your team and start booking. When created new travelers receive an email with a link to create a password and login for the first time.  

You can assign them different permissions such as viewing reports or booking for others in your travelers overview.  

Go further with traveler profiles: 

Step 5: Plan your first trip  

It's time to go! Check out our handy Traveler User guide.

Step 6: Manage your company’s travel  

Track your travel spend and find new ways to save with built-in reports. Ensure your travelers are safe with our GoSafe traveler safety features.  

Thanks to GetGoing, you’re ready to own business travel at your company.  

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Need a Helping Hand? We get it - sometimes you just need to talk to a real person. GetGoing’s travel experts are available via phone, email, live chat, and WhatsApp. How do I contact GetGoing support agents?