What is Green Light (Pre-Trip Approval)?

We created the Pre-Trip Green Light feature to allow travelers to ask for trip approval before they actually book. For travel admins, it means that you get more information about a trip prior to it being booked or sent for your approval. Pre-Trip Green Light is open for all customers and can be turned on from the Policy page.

Assigning a Green Light Approver: Your approver can be a department manager, office manager, or any traveler in your account. A fallback approver must also be selected for travelers who might be assigned to an existing department.

Submitting Trip Requests: Click on the “Submit Request” button to start the submission process. Enter information such as destination, dates, trip purpose, travelers, and additional notes before sending for approval.

Creating a Trip: When Green Light is activated, trips can only be created from approved requests. To create a new trip, click on the approved pre-trip card. Important: Travelers can search for flights & hotels in browsing mode without making a pre-trip request but they won't be able to select any service for booking.

Approvers: Once a trip request is made, approvers will be notified with an email. To approve a request, click on the pending request. From there, you have the option to approve or deny a request (and include a note). Once a request has been approved or denied, it’s automatically removed from the approver view.

Green Light FAQ

Question: Who can be listed as a Green Light Approver and Fallback Approver?
Answer: All approvers must be selected from the Company Approvers list.

Question: If a trip has multiple travelers - each from different departments - would each traveler need approval from their personal department manager even though they are flying together?
Answer: That’s correct. If they are on the same trip, each departmental manager must approve before any of the travelers can proceed to book.

Question: If a trip has multiple travelers and one of them is exempt from the approval process, will the Green Light travelers still need to wait for approval?
Answer: If the trip is created by a traveler who is exempt, then no Green Light approvals are needed.