How do I change user permissions?

Admins control which permissions travelers and users can access. Give your top users free reign with admin privileges, or limit their access to key pages.

Permission settings.
Here's a look at the different permissions available:
  • Can access admin pages: This gives the most access to the GetGoing platform. Admins can change settings, setup company policies, view reports, and more. We recommend reserving admin access to only a few users.
  • Can book trips for other users: An important ability for the office manager, executive assistants, or anyone who needs to book a trip for a fellow co-worker.
  • Can access all reports: This is useful for managers, executives, and financial leaders. By default, travelers can only see reports related to their trips.
  • Can access department reports only: Want to give your department managers and supervisors a glimpse at their team's reports? This setting makes it easy for teams to keep track of their travel.