How do I Add an AirPlus Card to GetGoing?

What is AirPlus?

AirPlus is a global leader in corporate payment, and the #1 issuer of UATP cards. Their products are available in 60 countries.

  • AirPlus Company Account: A central billing account that businesses can use for travel expenses. No physical card is issued; instead, a UATP card is created that can be used wherever UATP is accepted. UATP is a payment network similar to MasterCard that is accepted by over 250 airlines. Sometimes referred to as lodge cards or ghost cards.
  • Virtual Cards: AirPlus can generate Mastercard virtual cards, which can be used wherever Mastercard is accepted. Every card number is unique and becomes invalid after each use. Virtual cards can be configured for specific currencies, amounts, or transaction purposes. Sometimes referred to as AIDA virtual cards (AirPlus Integrated Data & Acceptance).
  • Corporate Cards: Physical Mastercard credit cards issued to employees for travel expenses.
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How do I add an AirPlus card to GetGoing?

  • Login to GetGoing and navigate to the Billing > Invoice Profiles page
  • Click the “Add Credit Card” link within an invoice profile
  • Enter your AirPlus card details including name, number, and expiration. Note that UATP cards do not require a CVV/CVC code.
  • Select AirPlus Company Account (UATP) from the card type dropdown
  • Be sure to setup your DBI fields (i.e. Cost Center, Employee ID) so they match what is in your AirPlus account
  • Enter your company’s billing address in the Card Owner Information section
  • After card details are entered, click the “Confirm” button at the bottom
  • You should now see your AirPlus card within the invoice profile
  • Please note: If you're adding an AirPlus card when creating your first invoice profile, you won't be able to add DBI fields right away. After your GetGoing account is activated, you can update the DBI fields on the Billing > Invoice Profiles page.

Add AirPlus cards to GetGoing

What is descriptive billing information (DBI)?

  • These data fields are captured at time of booking and add new dimensions to your AirPlus reporting. AirPlus offers DBI fields including Cost Center, Employee ID, Department, Accounting Unit, Action Code, Purchase Order Number, and Project Code.
  • DBI fields can be managed via the AirPlus Business Travel Portal.

Descriptive Billing Information DBI

How do I book with my AirPlus Company Account card?

  • After adding your AirPlus card to your GetGoing invoice profile, it will be available as a payment option when booking a trip on GetGoing.
  • If your AirPlus card is greyed out on the Payment & Confirmation page, this means that AirPlus/UATP is not accepted by the supplier.

What do I do if my AirPlus card isn't accepted?

  • Many hotels do not accept AirPlus/UATP cards as a form of payment. In these cases, you can generate a single-use virtual card from your AirPlus account. These cards can be used wherever Mastercard is accepted.
  • If your AirPlus card isn't accepted, you can generate a virtual card or try a different credit card.

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