Can I book a pre-paid hotel rate?

Interested in paying for your hotel stay in advance? It's important to understand the pros and cons of pre-paid rates before you make your booking.

Benefits of pre-paid hotel rates

  • Save money: These rates are typically discounted, saving you money on your next trip.
  • Simplify travel expenses: When you pay for a hotel stay in advance, your employees can worry less about using their own credit cards for expenses.

Risks of pre-paid hotel rates

  • Non-refundable: Typically, prepaid rates are non-refundable meaning it's very difficult to recoup your costs if you no longer need the hotel.
  • Limited flexibility: If you think your plans might change, you may want to avoid these rates.

Ready to book a pre-paid hotel rate? Here's how to find pre-paid rates on GetGoing.

  • Search for a hotel on GetGoing and select your preferred property
  • On the hotel details page, you'll be able to see all available rooms
  • Use the "online pre-payment" filter to quickly see pre-paid rates