Is GetGoing offering jobs via social media to rate tourist destinations spot packages and earn crypto commissions?

Note to GetGoing consumers or potential employees:

GetGoing does NOT offer jobs via social media to rate destinations and tourist spot packages and earn crypto commissions.

Please do not respond to anyone asking for funds for remote work jobs since these are illegal phishing attempts not representing BCD Travel or its website 

  • BCD Travel operates only 1 single domain ( for its GetGoing platform and has no relationship with fake websites impersonating BCD's GetGoing brand, such as 
    • getgoingtourism,
    • getgoing tourism,
    • getgoing-journey,
    • ;getgoing-global,
    • getgoing-trip, 
    • getgoing-trips, 
    • getgoing-tour, 
    • getgoing-tours, 
    • getgoing-travelling, 
    • getgoing-traveling, 
    • getgoing-travel, 
    • getgoing-travels,
    • etc.

            There is no other "work platform" than for both clients and employees.

  • All our open job positions are posted on BCD Travel's official career page
  • BCD and GetGoing would never ask for money in advance of employment
  • BCD and GetGoing would never offer a job paid with cryptocurrencies
  • If fraudsters provide you with an "official certificate" or "official authorization" to prove they have an agreement with GetGoing, please be aware that the companies mentioned on that certificate do not exist and/or have no relationship with BCD Travel's business travel platform. 

If you have been a victim of this phishing attack, please contact local law enforcement.

Also, please make sure that you report the profiles who contacted you to the social media platform through which they contacted you.

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