How do I book a Deutsche Bahn trip?

On the Homepage, you can search for train trips including those operated by Deutsche Bahn. Simply enter your trip details and select your "BahnCard" from the drop-down menu. GetGoing supports the following BahnCards:

  • BahnCard
  • BahnCard 25 (1st and 2nd class)
  • BahnCard 50 (1st and 2nd class)
  • BahnCard Business 25 (1st and 2nd class)
  • BahnCard Business 50 (1st and 2nd class)

After clicking "Search," you'll be directed to BCD Travel's Bahn.Business booking portal. The search details you entered will auto-fill on the Bahn.Business portal including destinations, dates, traveler name, email address, and BahnCard number (if it's setup in your GetGoing Traveler Profile).

After you complete your train booking, click the "Log Out" button on the Bahn.Business portal to bring you back to GetGoing. That's it; your train booking will now appear in your GetGoing trips.