What is Dynamic Price Cap - GoSmart?

With flight prices fluctuating constantly based on seasonality and demand, a static price cap just doesn't make sense. We set out to help travelers find flights that both meet their needs and cut costs by choosing reasonably priced results.

Introducing GoSmart, a price cap that is dynamic, smart, and adjusts itself to every search. Whether you're searching for next-day flights or flying to a convention during holiday season, GoSmart automatically adjusts itself to the market and represents the most reasonable price range for your travelers.

The GoSmart price is calculated dynamically for each search. Its AI-powered algorithm groups the search results into 4 price categories and calculates the size of each category by analyzing thousands of data points using real-time market conditions and the platform’s extensive past search history, to recommend the most reasonable price limit for the search. You can see where each search result is positioned within those price categories on the right side above the price of the flight option when you move the mouse cursor over the  sign.

The GoSmart price is defined as the upper boundary of the lowest price category  (i.e. the highest price within the cheapest price category. If you choose "GoSmart plus 10%" in your travel policy, it defines the in-policy vs out of-policy limit by adding 10% to the GoSmart price.

If you want to have more control in keeping costs low in cases where flight prices go far out of reasonable range, you can also define a maximum price per booking that the GoSmart price +X% will never exceed.

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