What is Dynamic Price Cap - GoSmart?

With flight prices fluctuating constantly based on seasonality and demand, a static price cap just doesn't make sense. We set out to help travelers find flights that both meet their needs and cut costs by choosing reasonably priced results.

Introducing GoSmart, a price cap that is dynamic, smart, and adjusts itself to every search. Whether you're searching for next-day flights or flying to a convention during holiday season, GoSmart automatically adjusts itself to the market and represents the most reasonable price range for your travelers. The Dynamic Price Cap can be set globally (for all trips) and manually (city by city). GoSmart is disabled by default but can be turned on from the Policy page. 

The different options allow you to increase the range of results that are "In Policy" by adding a percentage of the GoSmart price to itself. For example, if your price cap came out to be $500, then GoSmart Plus 10% would result in a price cap of $550 (10% of 500).

We strongly recommend that you always define a maximum price for every cap you set up in your policy. This way, in cases where prices are far out of reasonable range, you have more control in keeping costs low. Dynamic Price Caps ensures that all flights are within a reasonable range for each trip, without needing to bother an approver.

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