We listened to our clients and created the Pre-Trip Green Light feature which enables the travelers to ask a manager for a pre-approval for a trip before they proceed to book. 

For you travel admins, it means that you will get more information about the trip prior to it being booked/sent for your approval - trip reason, dates, destination etc.

Switch it on if you want to use it

This feature is open for all customers, the default status is OFF, so if you want to use it, turn it ON in the Company Policy setting. 

Pre-Trip approvers

Defining the Pre-Trip approvers is set inside the travel policy (Pre-Trip is a part of the policy).

Inside your policy you can:

  1. Select the required approver *
    A. Department manager
    B. Office manager
    C. A Company approver (in case there are more than one company approver they all appear for selection
    D. Other (text input to add specific user)

  1. When a department or office approver is selected, a fallback approver selection is required (to cover all cases where some travelers are not assigned to department/office

  2. Select who will be affected by this (employees, managers, executives)

* only 1 approver can be selected (radio button selection) to keep the approval process simple

NOTE: If you place a booking through our travel support, Green Light will be bypassed and it will be sent to your defined approver. 

Travelers: submitting a Pre-Trip request 

Click on the “Submit Request” button to start the submission process, a side panel will open with a set of information you will have to fill in such as destination and dates, trip purpose, travelers, any additional notes (if applicable) followed by naming the trip and a confirmation that request is successfully sent.

Requests appearance and statuses

Once a request has been made it automatically appears on the traveler home screen (in status pending), the traveler can access the request information by clicking on it.

The different requests statuses are:

Pending (yellow): Request submitted but not approved or denied

Denied (red): When the approver denies the request, the traveler can delete the request

Approved (green): When the approver approves the request, the traveler can plan a trip now

**We currently don’t support editing requests

Creating a trip

When 'Green Light' is turned on, trips can be created only from the approved Green Light requests.

Clicking on the approved pre-trip card will open the side panel with the request details and the Create Trip option.

Important: Travelers can search for flights & hotels in browsing mode without making a pre-trip request but they won't be able to select any service for booking  (blue vs. purple). 

Approvers: Approving / Denying requests

Once a request has been made the right approver will be notified with an email + indication on their dashboard.

Clicking on the indication of the request will open the side panel with all the pending requests, the approver can view the request details and decide to approve or deny the request (and also include a note).

Once a request has been approved or denied it’s automatically removed from the approver view.

Happy pre-approving & safe travels!