Where can I find my invoices and receipts?

How you receive invoices and receipts depends on the type of travel.

  • Flights: For most airlines, GetGoing emails you the trip invoice after you book your trip. If you book a low-cost carrier, you must download the invoice directly from the airline. Click here to learn more about low-cost “budget” carriers.
  • Hotels: Invoices can be requested directly at the hotel, typically from the reception desk. Please note that even for prepaid reservations, the hotel is still responsible for charging the amount of the reservation and providing you with invoices and proof of payment.
  • Cars: Invoices can be requested directly from the car rental company at time of payment.
  • Trains: You’ll receive an invoice directly from the train provider (for example, Deutsche Bahn). If booking through Deutsche Bahn, you can also download your invoice from their website.

Invoices related to a trip fee or a support request fee are automatically sent on an hourly basis after the services have been booked. They are sent from no-reply @ invoices.getgoing.com to the Billing Contact identified in your company's invoice profile on the Billing tab.

Please make sure this email address is verified by your email provider so you do not struggle receiving your invoices.

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