When you plan a trip, you create a draft that is only visible to you. After a trip is sent for approval, it is visible to all the participating travelers, admins, the trip’s planner and the approvers. After a trip is booked/approved, it appears to all admins, the travelers, and the trip’s planner. 

So if you cannot find a trip this could be a result of several reasons:

  • A draft was created but nothing was selected, only searched. If no service is selected, drafts are not saved. What you could do is look for the search you were running in the ‘Recent Searches’ at the bottom of the ‘New Trip’ page

  • You are not an administrator and you were not added to the trip as a traveler or are one of its approvers. In this case, you should contact someone from your company with Admin access to GetGoing.

  • The trip was merged with other trips into a single trip under a different name.  In these cases, please reach out to our Support team for further assistance.

Did you know? When you are assisted by Support and they have put together a trip for you, its draft would be in the ‘Drafts’ tab of the ‘Trips’ page at the top, under the title ‘Draft by Support’.