The system automatically sends emails to all relevant approvers. It includes a short overview of the trip including cost and travelers and a link to the relevant trip. Click the link and then you’ll arrive at the itinerary of that trip to Review and Book the trip. 

Before you approve the trip, we recommend the following best practices:

  • Review the services themselves by expanding each card to see special rules and cancellation policies

  • Click the eye icon to see the results for yourself. You can also hover over the arrow in the price indicator for each service selected to get a better idea of where it lies on the price scale.

  • Review the price totals in the booking summary and then make your decision whether to approve or reject the trip.

  • Although not mandatory, we highly recommend that you add a reason for rejection when choosing to reject a trip.

After you approve the trip it might still remain in the Pending Approval status as there are additional approvals required according to the Travel Policy set in place by your company admin. 

If you reject the trip it is automatically rejected regardless of whether others have approved it or not. It only takes one rejection to reject the trip.