GetGoing searches and selections are based on the concept of searching for trips. Each trip starts out as a draft and there is no limit to the number of drafts you can set up. Nor is there any limitation on the number of searches you can perform. We suggest you run searches for the possible dates so you can gauge the price ranges and their fluctuations. You can make a selection and then start a new search.

Drafts with selections are saved for 2 weeks before they are automatically deleted. 

However, since airlines, hotels, train and rental car company may update their prices and availabilities at any time, so prices, seats and/or room availabilities cannot be guaranteed and may change at any time until your booking is finalized for hotels and cars, and until your ticket is issued for trains and flights.

So although you’ve got a bit of time, don’t wait too much to finalize your plans and book them: first come, first served !