How do I set up a custom travel policy?

Custom policies allow you to setup unique travel policies for specific employees. This makes it easy to manage employee travel activities and costs. From the Policy page, select the "Custom Policies" tab. From here, you can add new policies or list travelers who are exempt from approval (those who do not need approval to book trips).

To add a new policy, click the "Add New Policy" button. Enter the policy name and select travelers. Please note that travelers can be associated with only one policy. You can also duplicate an existing policy and edit it to create a new policy. When complete, click "Save" at the bottom of the screen.

You can assign a custom policy to one of your Offices in GetGoing by clicking on "Policy" from the header and then selecting the "Office Policies" tab. From here, click on an Office and assign a custom travel policy to it. If you'd like an Office to use your company's general travel policy, select "General Policy" from the dropdown options.

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