How do I delete a traveler profile?

There are many reasons you might need to delete a traveler. Perhaps they're no longer at the company, or they've moved into a new role. Whatever the reason, it's painless to delete a profile.

First, find the traveler's profile on the Travelers tab (within the Admin page). Then, hover over the traveler card, and you'll see icons for editing and deleting. Simply click the trash can icon and confirm you'd like to delete the user.

Deleting a traveler profile.

A few important notes about deleting profiles:

  • Once a traveler or other user has been deleted, they no longer have access to the GetGoing platform. They cannot search, book, or have trips booked on their behalf.
  • Although a traveler is gone, their past trips are not forgotten. GetGoing keeps a record of deleted traveler's trip details on the Reports page, so you always have a clear view of your company's travel.
  • If a deleted traveler had any upcoming trips booked on the platform, please reach out to our Support Team to ensure those trips are cancelled.