How to request late check-in or early check-out times

Picture this: You've arrived at your destination, eager to hit the ground running for that crucial meeting. But what's the protocol for securing an early check-in at your hotel? How about a late check-in after hours? Fret not, as we've got the info you need to navigate the early (or late) check-in process seamlessly.

Request a late check-in time

GetGoing makes it easy to share your preferred check-in time with the hotel. During the hotel booking process, check the box "Arriving after 6:00 PM" and select your expected arrival time.

We'll send this request to the hotel, but keep in mind that we cannot guarantee the hotel will honor the late check-in time. If a late check-in is a must, we suggest contacting the hotel directly.

Select late check-in time

Hotel check-in and check-out protocol: Tips for a smooth arrival

GetGoing helps simplify your hotel check-in and check-out requests. Add your early check-in or late check-out request in the "Additional Requests" section. Again, there is no guarantee the hotel will approve your request. It's a smart idea to contact the hotel and confirm everything.

Additional request field for asking i.e. early check-in/late check-out