Can I book a private flight?

GetGoing can manage all your private flight needs. We can arrange for a private jet from any location to any destination, for any amount of passengers. To book a private flight, you'll need to contact our Support Team for a cost estimate.

Pricing for private flights is complex and affected by many variables. Here are just a few considerations:
  • Is there a jet already at the departure point, or do we need to send a jet there first?
  • What size jet is needed for the number of passengers and the travel distance?
  • Can the jet wait at the destination for the return flight? (This typically incurs parking and crew fees.)
  • Do you need a flight attendant? Meals?

An initial cost estimate must be confirmed by the client before we sort out all the variables above to get you the lowest price possible. With your permission, we may try to lower your overall costs by selling the extra seats on your jet.