The first thing to know is that the airports you selected are still there. Click the flight card to expand it and see the full details - they will include airport codes.

The code you are seeing in the itinerary card, and also will be visible in the trips page is something called a ‘City Code’. Cities and areas with several airports group them under single city code to facilitate searches for flights. A couple of examples:

  • LON (London) which groups together:

    •  LHR (Heathrow)

    • LGW (Gatwick)

    • LTN (Luton)

    • LCY (London City Airport)

  • NYC (New York City) which groups together:

    • JFK (Kennedy)

    • LGA (LaGuardia)

    • EWR (Newark)

To add to possible confusion, some city codes are also specific airport codes in completely different parts of the world. If you have questions or would like to be sure, please reach out to our Support team.