The systems of record GetGoing works with for purposes of searching and booking flights come with some restrictions and limitations. One of these is that the flight results are generated on the spot when you perform your search. There are parameters that optimize for lower prices and the most efficient routes. This, combined with a limited number of results available, may show flights that do not include a specific combination that you are searching for. In these cases you should:

  1. Filter for the airline/s of your specific flight. This will bring up more results for those airlines and increase the chances of your specific flight returning

  2. Try running the search again in 5 to 10 minutes. Sometimes the flight you are looking for is no longer available and even after a few minutes, that situation may change. Click the ‘Edit’ button and then click ‘Search’ again.

  3. If you still cannot find your desired flight, reach out to our Support team for further assistance. They are in direct contact with most airlines and can sometimes find flights against all odds.

Important Note: Simply refreshing the page will not help in these situations. You will have to edit and re-run the search.