A few common questions: 

1. ‘If I set the Green Light approver on a dept/office manager option, would the "fallback approver" will necessarily need to be the 'company approver' by default - or they can choose someone else such as CFO that is not defined in the original policy?

Answer: For now yes, the fallback approver can be selected only from the Company Approvers list. 

2. ‘If there are 3 people flying together from different departments and the Green Light approver is a department manager. Would each traveler have to wait for his personal department manager for approval even though they are flying together?’

Answer: That’s correct. If they are on the same trip, each departmental manager would have to approve before the travelers can proceed to book. 

3. If there are travelers flying together but only one of them needs Green Light approval and the other is exempt, will the traveler who needs the Green Light still need to wait for approval?

Answer: If a trip is created by someone who doesn’t need Green Light, then no Green Light approvals are sent even though there are other travelers who should get Green Light.